How to Donate

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How to Donate

Post  ffaayyee on Sat May 02, 2009 6:59 pm

Go to the nearest Western Union in your place and please dont forget to bring 2 valid IDs.

The western union representative will give you a green form to fill up[Send Money].

Write in the form the following information.

Destination [City, Country] Philippines

amount in words __________________________


First name: Faye
last name: Lopez
address: Quezon City, Philippines

Sender [your personal info]

First name
last name
Phone number

Note: after sending, the Western Union Representative will give you the Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN]. Do not tell anyone the Details of money transfer except the reciever.

For every Amount of donates there is an equivalent number of credit points as you can see below that you can exchange for other items.

1000php/22$ = 20 Credi
2000php/43$ = 45 Credi
4000php/85$ = 100 Credi

When you finish sending the money, kindly email Raymart the details of the money transfer as follows:

Sender's Name:
Amount of Donate:
MTCN-money transfer control number:
Username in Game:
Name of character:
Contact Number: [or yahoo messenger if you have]

and send it to

TakeNote: Please dont tell any one except to Raymart your Western Union's Sender Name and the 10 Digit Code Number. That's very important!! That's the proof that you're the one who send the donation.

For Question and inquiries kindly Add Raymart to he's YahooMessenger:

Thanks for supporting BlazeRO


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