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Donaton Facts

Post  Admin on Mon May 11, 2009 4:02 pm

-Why Donate to FlameRO?
We all know that keeping a big server running is not an easy task,
there are services we must purchase in order to keep the server up and running for all of us.
All the donations received on FlameRO are used to pay for our dedicated host and advertising expenses
We use it to advertise FlameRO to the fullest on all Ragnarok Sites and Listings
We also need donation money to obtain very limited and exclusive code modifications which make us so unique.
By donating to FlameRO you will obtain a few rewards to show you our token of gratitude for your help.

-Is it Mandatory?
Of course not. We do not force players to donate. Since FlameRO is, and will remain as a Free2Play Server.
Any amount you whole-heartedly give, will be pretty much appreciated.
And we assure you every single buck you donate, will be used for the server.

-What do I get when I donate?
We sure are thankful for all your donations.
For that, we offer you items that you may use ingame..
[plz vist the donate items section of the forum to view the items]

-What currencies do you accept?
We only accept USD (US Dollars) and PHP (Philippine Peso).
Note that the conversion being assumed is, 1USD = 50Php.

-What's the minimum donation amount?
As much as possible, we want to accept every single buck you give us.
But there must be a minimum donation amount to be set.
Minimum amount you can donate is, 7$ (US Dollars) Or 350Php (Philippine Peso)

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