Donation Procedures

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Donation Procedures

Post  Admin on Mon May 11, 2009 4:17 pm

By following the procedures listed in Donations, you hereby certify that
you were not forced to give out any donation, it's your on your own will.
Else you can stop reading this now.

-For Paypal Donations Coming SoOn

For Western Union Donations, follow these steps.

First, you should search for the neares Western Union branch on your Area.Click this .
After that, you should write these informations. These are required for you to be able to send the money
Name : Faye M. Lopez
Address : Quezon City, Philippines

After writing those down, you are ready to go.
You can now go to Western Union, fill-up the form (their staffs should guide you if you have some questions)
Note that you must choose Php (Philippine Peso) as the payout currency.
After filling out and sucessfully dropping the money, they will give you a receipt, containing the MTCN.
MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is a MUST for me, to be able to receive the money you've sent.

Now, after that, you can Email me or Send a message in Yahoo Messenger at with these info's:

Sender's Name :
Sender's Address :
Amount Sent :
Your Username (The account where you want me to put the Items and the Credit Card (Proof Of Donations)) :

After receiving the money, I will then be adding the Items and Credit Card to your account.
After receiving a confirmation e-mail from me, it means that you already have credits, you can use to purchase items.
To see and purchase these items, refers to this link.
Please allow upto 12 hours for the process to complete.
Thanks for your support!

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