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Post  Admin on Wed May 13, 2009 1:24 pm

this is very important

to all players of BLazero who are planning to avail Donate items....
just look for the administrators [faye or raymart] for donations
add to your yahoo messenger to personally talk with the administrators...

DO NOT LET SCAMMERS DECEIVE YOU!!!.... if someone is offering you a donate item here are the things you are going to do to check if he is a legal donator and to avoid scammers ...

1. look for his proof of donation - it is a card that was given to the donator by the admin as an evidence that he is a legal donator...
2. confirm to the Administrators if he is real donator....
3. if that person did not present a proof of donation to you, that negotiation is automatically considered as illegal.... if that happens kindly report to administrators or any GMs in game immediately...

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